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Depth Micrometer ไมโครมิเตอร์วัดลึก Mitutoyo รุ่น 129-154

ราคาพิเศษ ฿2,225.00 ราคาปรกติ ฿3,178.57

This interchangeable rod type micrometer can be used for wide range measurements.
It offers you the following benefits:

  • ø4mm interchangeable rods, with lapped measuring surfaces, enable you to make wide-range measurement
  • The ratchet stop provides constant measuring force.
  • Measuring rod lock.
ORDER NO.: 129-154
Range: 0 - 25 mm
Flatness of reference surface (base): 1.3 µm
Flatness of measuring face (rod): 0,3 µm
Number of rods: 1
Graduation: 0,01 mm
Mass: 240 g
Measuring span: 25 mm
Spindle pitch: 0,5 mm, with spindle lock
Micrometer Head Feed (0-25 mm): ±3 µm
Zero point errors of rods: ±4 µm (0-150 mm)
±6 µm (0-300 mm)
Parallelism between measuring face (rod) and reference surface (base) (4+ L/50) µm L=max. measuring length (mm)
Measuring face:
Hardened, precision ground, micro-lap finish
Base: Hardened tool steel
Scale: Thimble and sleeve satin chrome finish ø18 mm
Delivered: Including box, spanner no. 301336, 04GAA274, hex-spanner no. 202863
Digital/Analog: Analog
Inch-Metric: Metric


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