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Digital Indicator ไดอัลเกจแบบดิจิตอลรุ่น Mitutoyo รุ่น 543-310B

ราคาพิเศษ ฿9,936.00 ราคาปรกติ ฿14,194.29

This indicator is designed for inside diameter measurement applications on bore gauges

It offers the following benefits:

  • Minimum value holding function that allows you to easily detect a hole diameter
  • Analogue bar graph in the display (12 different scales switchable) 
  • The analogue bar graph enhances usability by adding a dial gauge “feel” to digital measurement
  • GO/±NG tolerance judgement function
  • A fast measurement frequency mode(detection cycle 20ms or 50times/s) is selectable to measure in the peak detection mode more reliably
  • Easy indicator setup via a setup menu
  • A USB interface box can be used to set up the indicator from PC via dedicated software
ORDER NO. 543-310B
12,7 mm
Maximum Permissible Error E MPE: 0,003 mm
H MPE (Hysteresis): 0,002 mm
R MPE (Repeatability): 0,002 mm
Type: EN ISO Standard
Measuring force: ≤ 1,5 N
Protection: IP42
Mass: 170 g
Display: LCD, character height: 8 mm, rotatable 330°
Max. response speed: Unlimited
Measurement frequency (MAX/MIN/RANGE): Standard mode: 10 times/s
fast mode: 50 times/s
(plunger speed max. 50 µm/s for peak measurement)
Alarm: Low voltage composition error, overflow error, tolerance limit setting error
Stem Ø:
8 mm
Contact point:
Carbide ball, thread M 2.5 x 0.45 mm 
Battery life: Standard mode: approx. 1 year
fast mode: approx. 4.5 month
Power supply: 1 battery CR-2032
PRESET 3x: Yes
MIN Value Hold: Yes
Function lock: Yes
GO/±NG judgement: Yes
Power supply report: UN 38.3 Test Summary Report
Digital/Analog: Digital
Inch-Metric: Metric
0,002 mm
Data output: Yes
Including 1 battery


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